My art practice has always involved pushing the boundaries of materials. Early on as a weaver, trained in Detroit MI, I explored the three dimensional sculptural possibilities of industrial and metallic threads. During my many years as a residential and commercial surface designer, my painted walls, ceilings and floors suggested a fine art sensibility. My current work is a culmination of these disciplines. I reference the raggedness of time passed as well as the present world in which we live with a visual rawness.

Beginning with a dance around the canvas with charcoal, these marks sometimes remain visible through the layers as I build up the textured surface. I find stories in old walls and treasured rugs. My work is often influenced by my several Moroccan trips.

I travel through the illusion of time and place of the old and the new. I approach my paintings as visual memoirs as these memories become decorative marks on the surface. I invite the viewer to interpret their own recollection of place.

I have recently incorporated weaving back into my work. Cutting into the paintings and often using cut strips of old paintings, I bring together disparate stories of colliding realities, a symbol of our fraying times.

These are some of the materials I use: acrylic paint, oil sticks, venetian polished and metallic plaster, metallic leaf, charcoal, thread. cold waxes, stencils, trowels, rope, brushes, hands, canvas, paper