Traveling through the illusion of time and place Susan Siefer approaches her painted surfaces and sculptural shelters as decorative visual memoirs. Her work references the raggedness and visual rawness of times past and the present world in which we live.  Susan invites the viewer to interpret their own recollection of the strong women and personal, emotional and social experiences that have paved the way.

Susan’s work brings together disparate elements of our new and colliding reality, a symbol of our fraying times. She believes our similarities outweigh our differences and hopes her work presents a visual unity. Much of her work involves a physical engagement with layered, textured materials such as textiles, weaving, plasters, gold leaf, embellishments, paint, sand.

Susan’s travels and work in Morocco with its light, color and plaster buildings has been a guiding tool in the development of her work. Taking off from that, her current work incorporates the architectural portal shape into feminine, figurative forms.