The work of Susan Siefer references the raggedness of time passed as well as the present world in which we live with a visual rawness. Siefer incorporates weaving, decorative plasters, gold and silver leaf, embellishments, pigment powders, the light and color of North Africa, the sun setting in her studio. She finds stories in old walls and treasured rugs.

Traveling through the illusion of time and place of the old and the new Siefer approaches her painted surfaces and sculptural shelters as decorative visual memoirs. She invites the viewer to interpret their own recollection of place and time and the strong women that have paved the way.


Susan’s intent is to bring together disparate stories of our new and colliding reality, a symbol of our fraying times. She believes our similarities outweigh our differences and hopes to bring together a visual unity. Much of her work involves a physical engagement and layered, textured materials:  acrylic paint, oil sticks, venetian polished and metallic plaster, modelling paste, metallic leaf, mica, woven elements, charcoal, thread. cold waxes, stencils, trowels, rope, brushes, canvas, paper.